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Of all the filtration options out there, a whole house water filter is one of the most expansive. Instead of filtering water through a pitcher or from a single faucet, whole house filters purify water at the exact point it enters your home. These so-called point-of-entry filtration systems offer peace of mind that the water streaming from every shower and tap in your entire home is clean and free from harmful toxins and contaminants – and much better tasting.

Using a whole house filter also means your water will be softer, leading to less scale buildup. Softer water is also gentler on your clothes, skin, and hair, too! If you’re not sure which whole house filter to buy, keep reading. The following list covers the pros and cons of the best whole house filtration systems on the market today.

Best Whole House Water Filter Toplist

SystemImagePriceOur RatingFilter Stages 
iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water Filter SystemiSpring WGB32B Whole House Water Filter System$$4.63Check Price
Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water FilterExpress Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter$$$4.53Check Price
Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filtration SystemAquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filtration System$$$$$3.74Check Price
Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter SystemHome Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter System$$$4.43Check Price
Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House Water Filter SystemHome Master HMF2SDGC Whole House Water Filter System$$4.42Check Price
Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House Water Filter SystemHome Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House Water Filter System$$4.32Check Price
Express Water Whole House Water Filtration SystemExpress Water Full House Water Filtration System$$4.33Check Price
DuPont WFPF13003B Whole House Water FilterDuPont WFPF13003B Whole House Water Filter$3.51Check Price
Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water FilterCulligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filter$3.51Check Price
3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole Home Water Filter3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole Home Water Filter$3.81Check Price
APEX MR-3030 Whole Home Water Filtration SystemAPEX MR-3030 Whole Home Water Filtration System$$$4.03Check Price

What to Think About Before You Take the Leap

The unfortunate reality is that the quality of drinking water nationwide is not nearly as safe or pure as one might imagine. The water pouring out of our kitchen taps often contains everything from chlorine, fluoride, and lead to pesticides and remnants of pharmaceuticals.

As awareness grows, more people are searching for ways to rid their home’s water supply of these harmful contaminants. A point-of-entry filtration system is a great choice, but you need to keep a few things in mind before you click the order button.

Checking Your Water Quality Is Key

It’s difficult to purchase the correct filter if you’re not quite sure what contaminants are hiding in your water. Different testing options are available depending on where your water is sourced from. If your home runs on well water, the easiest way to get accurate info on your water quality is to send out a sample to a laboratory. You can also purchase a home test kit, but be aware that the results won’t be as accurate as it would be if you had your water analyzed by a real lab.

For houses sourced by city water, you can easily find water quality information for your area online.

What You Can Expect to Find

test tubes

Neither tap water nor well water are perfect. Tap water is disinfected for safety, but the byproducts of that process are frightening. TTHMs, one group of common byproducts, have been correlated with an elevated risk of bladder cancer. Most tap waters are also fluoridated, which comes with health risks of its own.

Well water is often polluted by chemicals that leach into groundwater from farming, like fertilizers, pesticides, and parasites. Another factor are heavy metals.

Wherever your water is sourced from, aging pipes can contaminate your water with lead. Don’t let these unpleasant possibilities spook you; the sooner you test your water and find out what it really contains, the sooner you can choose the right filter to nip the problem in the bud.

Filter Type

The idea of a whole house water purifier is to provide a one-and-done solution. Most filters in this category can handle the removal of chlorine, sediment, and other basic contaminants – think chemicals – that affect the flavor and purity of your water. Whole home filters built to purify well water may also help to get rid of iron and other metallic content.

If your goal is to make your water as pristine as possible for cooking, drinking, and bathing, reverse osmosis filters are the best of the best. Unfortunately, whole house reverse osmosis systems aren’t cheap. It’s usually more cost effective to install a regular whole house filter and add on a smaller reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink.

Micron Rating

Then comes the micron rating. This rating just refers to how small a particle the filter can handle. The smaller the micron rating, the tinier particles it can trap. A filter with a micron rating of 50 can handle sediment, but it won’t help with most chemicals and pathogens etc.

Micron ratings go all the way down to the sub-micron level, but not without drawbacks. The smaller the micron rating, the slower the flow. Defer to your water test results to determine how low a micron rating you really need. This will help you find a happy medium.

If you really must have the purity of a reverse osmosis system, which is rated down to 0.0001 microns, pressure pumps will be required to avoid excessively low flow rates.

Water Flow Rate

When you think about it, the demand on a whole house water treatment system is quite heavy, especially for large families. Often, someone is showering upstairs while someone else is doing the dishes and running the washing machine. To make sure everything runs smoothly and avoid the shower suddenly turning cold or into a trickle when too many appliances are being used at once, make sure your whole house filter is rated for at least 10 gallons per minute for regular sized homes.

For comparison, a bathroom faucet uses about 1.5 gpm while a shower is around 2.5. Issues with flow rates usually only appear when several taps or appliances are running at the same time. Smaller homes may be able to do with less, but in this case it’s better to have more than less.

Your Budget

The saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t wrong. Don’t be tempted to save money by getting a cheaper filter system, or it might cost you in the long run. Choose filters with higher capacities, because the higher the capacity, the more gallons a filter can process before it needs to be replaced. Check the price of the replacement filters as well, because in some cases it can really add up. Fore more info, refer to our home and whole house water filtration system cost guide.

Enough Room

When you’re considering a whole home filter, don’t expect something the size of a typical under sink unit. Whole house units are large, so make sure you have room available.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Favorite Whole Home Filtration Systems

After thorough research and comparison, we’ve narrowed the options down to not one, but two whole house filter systems that we consider the best in their category; the iSpring WGB32B for city water and the Express Water heavy metal whole house filter for well water.

For all the other models, the pricing and quality varies, but each one may be worth taking a look at for different reasons. Read on to weigh the options.

1. iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water Filter System (Our #1 Choice!)

The iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage whole house water filter system is at the top of our list for a reason. Most people are on city water, and high chlorine content is often an issue. The iSpring solves this problem, plus several others.

The Good

iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water Filter System

  • Tested independently, the iSpring WGB32B meets NSF/ANSI standards (e.g. Standard 42). Rated at 5 microns, it removes sediment, chlorine, rust, sand, cloudiness, and several other contaminants like pesticides and herbicides. The result? Better tasting water, healthier skin, and softer laundry.
  • The 15-gallons-per-minute flow rate should be plenty enough to power a large household, while the 100,000-gallon capacity should last the average family about 6 months.
  • The replacement cartridges aren’t overpriced like some other models, so regular maintenance shouldn’t be too painful to your wallet. The system also includes divided pressure release buttons to make the replacement process even easier.
  • As for the installation, this is one system that’s simple enough to install yourself with some basic plumbing know how. Convinced? Check the iSpring WGB32B on Amazon here.
  • iSpring’s customers have reported that the customer care team is efficient, reliable, and fair. If a part arrives broken, just call and a replacement part will be waiting at your door ASAP.
  • The filter system is compatible with several different cartridges, each of which targets specific contaminants. The iSpring FCRC25B filter cartridge, for example, is perfect for removing lead, iron, and manganese from well water. For just the latter two, opt for the iSpring FM25B.

The not so Good

  • While many customers have had no problem with the filter changing process, others have complained that it’s challenging.

Bottom Line

The iSpring WGB32B whole house water filter system is our top pick for contaminated city water, and it’s highly popular among customers, too. It’s relatively affordable, effective, and has a sufficient flow rating for homes with families. All in all, this is our go-to whole house water filter.
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2. Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter (Our #1 for Well Water!)

If you are on well water, you should seriously consider the Express Water heavy metal whole house water filter.

The Good

Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter

  • The system features 3 filter stages; sediment, KDF85 (ionically charged copper and zinc granules) + catalytic carbon, and regular carbon. The 5-micron sediment filter traps sand, rust, dirt, silt and the like to make your water visibly clear. The KDF85 and catalytic carbon combo filter delivers top performance when it comes to the removal of heavy metals and pathogens – perfect for well water. The regular carbon adsorbs chlorine and all kinds of chemicals, and neutralizes tastes and odors.
  • All 3 filters are rated at 100,000 gallons and should last a minimum of 6 months, depending on usage.
  • With up to 15 gallons per minute, there is no noticeable reduction in water pressure and flow.
  • 3 built-in pressure gauges are great for monitoring. Pressure release buttons make filter changes much easier.
  • The Express Water system is easy to install if you have some basic plumbing skills. The stainless steel stand also serves as a mounting bracket.
  • Unlike many other whole house water filters, this one isn’t an eyesore. This opens up the placement options, making it a little easier to justify in small houses.
  • Express Water customer service is great, and so is the customer feedback. You can browse the ratings here.

The not so Good

  • The KDF replacement filters are pricey. Changing the 3 filters biannually will cost you $$$.
  • You might need a couple of tries for the pressure gauges to work. Be careful not to overtighten to prevent leakage.

Bottom Line

Well water is frequently contaminated with heavy metals and agricultural chemicals. The Express Water system is the perfect choice at this price point – the best whole house water filter for well water filtration!
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3. Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filtration System

The price of the Aquasana Rhino whole house water purification system isn’t attractive, but it has an impressive list of features. Most importantly, it provides the most thorough filtration of all whole house water filters that are part of this review.

The Good

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filtration System

  • The Aquasana Rhino can remove almost all of the chlorine in your water for a solid 10 years or a million gallons – whichever comes first!
  • All of that filtration is without any draining, backflushing, or wasted water.
  • The filter system lowers the amount of several other contaminants like those found in agricultural runoff, lead, and mercury.
  • It has a post-filter rated at 0.35 microns, which is better than most we’ve seen.
  • It comes with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • The optional upgrades are well-worth it, including a UV-light stage to remove almost 100 percent potential pathogens, a salt-free conditioner to prolong the life of your pipes, and extra pre and post-filters to remove even more nasty impurities.
  • To top it off, the costs for filter replacements are low.

The not so Good

  • The flow rate is only about 7 gpm, which isn’t impressive for such a pricey system. For large households, drops in water pressure are likely when using several faucets or appliances at once.
  • Pre-filters will last about 3 months, or less on well water (the post-filter lasts a bit longer, up to 9 months). When the filters begin to get old, you’ll likely notice diminishing water pressure. This is definitely a con considering the already low flow rate of the Aquasana.
  • The plastic fittings are an unfortunate choice by the manufacturer. They’re more likely to leak, and may result in more customer service calls than you’d like.
  • Installation is definitely best left to a professional, making the unit more expensive than one you can install yourself. There’s an optional pro installation kit, but unless you have substantial plumbing experience we don’t recommend it.

Bottom Line

Despite the startling price tag, the Aquasana Rhino is a decent value for how long it lasts. It’s great at removing chlorine and several other contaminants from municipal water, and there’s a specialized version made just for well water. If the flow rate isn’t a deal breaker, this is a sound POE filter option that lasts longer than any other model on the market.
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4. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter System

The Good

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter System

Home Master is one of our favorite brands, and their HMF3SDGFEC whole house water filter system lives up to the brand’s reputation.

  • 3 stages of filtration offer both high flow rates, around 15 gallons per minute, and a small micron rating for remarkably clean water, without sacrificing convenience.
  • You can swap out the original filters which should last a good 6 months with less expensive, third-party replacements. With this ability, you can choose filtration media that handles almost any contaminant you’re worried about.
  • Of all the whole house filtration products we reviewed, the Home Master HMF3SDGFEC 3-stage is one of the best choices for well water. It can easily remove iron, manganese, and sulfur, but it’s not recommended for chlorinated water.
  • The included filters also remove lead plus other heavy metals, sediment, pesticides, and various chemicals.
  • The micron rating is even lower than the Express Water model (1 vs. 5 micron).
  • The unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • If anything goes wrong or you have questions about unique setups, Home Master is known for its superb customer service.

The not so Good

  • The brand name replacement filters are costly, but they are good capacity-wise.

Bottom Line

The Home Master HMF3SDGFEC whole house water filter system is our runner-up for well water treatment. For lower budget options, keep reading.
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5. Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House Water Filter System

There are two different 2-stage whole house water filter systems made by Home Master. Each serves a different purpose; the HMF2SDGC is best suited for city water disinfected with chlorine. If your water is treated with chloramines, however, opt for the HMF2SMGCC in the next review.

The Good

Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House Water Filter System

  • The Home Master HMF2SDGC and the HMF2SMGCC are efficient at purifying water throughout your entire home, reducing hardness and improving flavor.
  • Both provide a high flow rate; 15 gpm for the Home Master HMF2SDGC.
  • The filters should last at least 6 months, so if you stick to an annual or biannual maintenance schedule you can forget about the system for the rest of the year. Cost? Moderate.
  • Apart from chlorine and some of its byproducts, the Home Master HMF2SDGC system removes sediment down to 1 micron and a range of chemicals like volatile organic compounds.
  • Both two-stage models are well-constructed. They’re likely to outlive most of the cheaper products.
  • Installation is fairly easy, as far as whole house filtration systems go.
  • A 2-year limited warranty covers each filter system.

The not so Good

  • The one downside of two otherwise fantastic products is that slight leakage is common at the water entry and exit points.

Bottom Line

The Home Master HMF2SDGC whole house water filter is a great balance between price and performance. Considering that it is so well-reviewed, the risk of minor drips is well worth the price, in our opinion!
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6. Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House Water Filter System

The Good

Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House Water Filter System

Let’s recap (plus some new information):

  • Both the Home Master HMF2SDGC and the HMF2SMGCC whole house water filters are effective, removing contaminants, reducing the hardness of your water, and improving its flavor.
  • Both provide a high flow rate; 10 gpm for the Home Master HMF2SMGCC.
  • The HMF2SMGCC removes chlorine and more importantly chloramine, sediment, turbidity (cloudiness), chemicals from agriculture, and some metals. The micron rating is 1.
  • Both filter systems are well-constructed and likely to outlive most of their competition.
  • Installation is doable even for non-experts.
  • You get a 2-year limited warranty with your system.

The not so Good

  • Water ports on either ends of the systems are prone to leakage.
  • We consider the yearly costs for replacement filters a bit high for a 2-stage system.

Bottom Line

Great balance between price and performance, well-reviewed, and well worth the price!
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7. Express Water 3-Stage Whole House Filtration System for Well and City Water

The Good

Express Water Whole House Water Filtration System

  • This Express Water whole house water filter system is a good choice for both well water and municipal water.
  • The overall quality of the system is high, and so is the maximum flow rate of 15 gallons per minute.
  • It’s popular for improving the freshness and quality of water, plus extending the lifespan of expensive appliances and plumbing equipment.
  • 3 filter stages remove the usual suspects: Sediment, chlorine, rust, scale, VOCs, etc. Chlorine removal is its biggest claim to fame, enabling chlorine-free showers and baths. As for particle size, the sediment filter has a micron rating of 5.
  • The unit is fairly low-maintenance.
  • It comes with a pressure release button to make cartridge replacements a little easier.

The not so Good

  • Because the inlets and outlets are difficult to sufficiently tighten, they tend to drip.
  • Replacement filters are pricey.

Bottom Line

A whole house water filter that’s definitely worth considering. The pros outweigh the cons and existing customers are more than happy with what they were provided with.
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8. DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House Water Filter – Best Option to Save Money

The Good

DuPont WFPF13003B Whole House Water Filter

  • The main selling point of DuPont’s WFPF13003B is the cost. It’s much less expensive than most other whole house water purifiers, making it a tempting buy.
  • People who are fairly handy can install this unit in no time.
  • Everything is included from mounting bracket to filter wrench.
  • Replacement filters are a bargain.
  • The standard 10” cartridge size allows you to switch to filters from other popular brands. This option lets you choose exactly how much or how little filtration you want. DuPont’s OEM filters range from 1 to 50 in their micron rating.

The not so Good

  • The filtration capacity of the DuPont WFPF13003B is not nearly as effective as the majority of filtration options out there. While it may be enough to prolong the life of your appliances and plumbing, it’s not going to do much to improve the safety of your drinking water. For those dealing with well water contaminated with pesticides and other similar chemicals, don’t even think about it and go for a more heavy-duty filtration option.

Bottom Line

If you’re just hoping to reduce the number of plumbing service calls each year, this filter can help. Don’t be fooled, however. It’s not nearly powerful enough to make contaminated water safe to drink.
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9. Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filter Review

The Good

Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filter

Let’s get a few things straight; the Culligan WH-HD200-C whole house water filter isn’t really intended to perfect drinking water. Instead, it’s meant to safeguard your plumbing system for the dangers of sediment buildup and scale. The better-tasting water is just a bonus, but you shouldn’t expect a purification system this cheap to safely filter out lead, VOCs, and other impurities you’d rather not ingest.

  • The Culligan WH-HD200-C is about as cheap as whole house filters get!
  • It’s compatible with several different filter cartridges with varying micron ratings (5 to 50) to fit the needs of different waters. Flow rates, capacities, and annual costs vary accordingly.
  • It has a built-in bypass valve that lets you replace cartridges without turning off your home’s entire water supply. Can you say convenient?
  • Because the container is clear, you can examine the condition of the cartridge to check if it needs to be replaced.

The not so Good

  • The bypass valve can be hard to shut off and on, so lubrication is recommended.
  • Like many whole house water filters, the inlet and outlet ports tend to leak. Teflon tape will seal off any leaks without a fuss.

Bottom Line

The filtration capacity of up to 24,000 gallons isn’t amazing, but the cartridges are fairly cheap, too. It’s not the best home water filter available by any means, but for the low price tag it’s better than nothing.
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10. 3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole Home Water Filter – for Well Water Treatment!

The Good

3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filter

  • If you’re the owner of a large home with multiple bathrooms, the 3M Aqua-Pure AP903 should be a major contender. It has a whopping 20 gpm flow rate, enough to handle the demands of several showers and appliances at once.
  • The activated carbon purification filter media (5-micron nominal) eliminates a substantial amount of sediment, dirt, rust, and chlorine.
  • Like other POE filters, this one will improve the taste of your water and help protect appliances and plumbing.
  • Filter changes are as simple as it gets, requiring no tools or experience. In all, changing the filter shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.
  • The capacity is reasonable, lasting up to 12 months or 100,000 gallons. The same goes for replacement filter cost.
  • Installation is a breeze and can be done within a few hours.
  • The unit is smaller than most, allowing it to be installed in smaller homes than most.

The not so Good

  • The manufacturer recommends using a pre-filter system with the AP903, otherwise the cartridge won’t last long which has been the reason for quite a lot of negative reviews. Installing an extra pre-filter isn’t the worst and will reduce the number of filter changes later on, but it does mean you’ll need to spend a little more upfront.

Bottom Line

A low maintenance filtration solution, 3M’s AP903 is a good option on a budget. That said, this model’s effectiveness doesn’t compare to some of the others on our list. It doesn’t remove heavy metals or other very small contaminants (at least it doesn’t say so). If you just want improved water quality and aren’t worried about the details, the AP903 just might fit the bill. If you’re hoping for a more comprehensive solution, it’s worth saving for a higher-end model.
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11. APEX MR-3030 Whole Home Water Filtration System

The Good

APEX MR-3030 Whole Home Water Filtration System

Although it’s not as popular or well-known as most other 3-stage models, like the iSpring mentioned above, the APEX MR-3030 is a powerful filter in its own right.

  • The taste of filtered drinking water from this unit is on par with similar 3-stage systems.
  • It can remove a wide range of contaminants down to 1 micron, including lead and chlorine. The hydrogen sulfide reduction filter uses a combination of copper-zinc granules and activated charcoal to neutralize hydrogen sulfide odor and trap ferrous iron, protecting your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances.
  • We love our NSF certifications, and the Apex has those covered!

The not so Good

  • Apex’s customer service is slow and inefficient compared with some more well-known companies.
  • The filtration capacity isn’t specified which makes it impossible to determine maintenance cost.

Bottom Line

If you can afford a more popular model, cross the Apex MR-3030 off your list. It’s not exactly the best whole house water filtration system. For small homes in search of better-tasting, healthier drinking water at a discount price, it’s worth consideration.
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